"But this is exactly when we should be having a party. To make ourselves feel all better."


Anna (Lily Loveless) is a main character in The Fades.


17 years old, Paul’s twin sister – and far from identical. She’s witty, acerbic, the leader of the cool kids. So for Anna, being related to someone like Paul is not an easy business – in fact it’s a total embarrassment.

Anna has always put fitting in above everything else, so to have someone twinned with her who clearly doesn’t fit anything – well, it’s annoying. Anna is a teenager, she’s fierce, she’s uncompromising, and she’s kind of wonderful.


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Well, first off, she's fucking beautiful, secondly, I just looove her witty attitude, third, she's also pretty mean and that's not nice... If she had a job, it'd probably be a job as a stripper, no offense to the strippers out there. :D.

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